Prideaux Lectures, Exeter, 2nd and 3rd May

 Prof de Gruchy is an ordained minister in the United Congregational Church and a prominent theological scholar. He held the post of Robert Selby Taylor Professor of Christian Studies at Cape Town University before retiring in 2013, and he remains highly active in research. Prof de Gruchy is especially notable for combining his scholarship with a strong concern for how theology is lived out politically and practically. He was closely involved with the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa and with the later reconciliation process.

We live in apocalyptic times, times of global crisis, cultural despair, violence, and economic uncertainty. Some commentators liken these times to Europe in the 1930's. In such times Christians are challenged to justify their faith in God, respond to fear and resignation to fate, and give reasons for the hope they have in the coming of God's reign.

Attendance is free but please find extra information and book using these links as registration enables them to make sure they have the right sized room)

·         The End is Not Yet. Christian Faith in Apocalyptic times Exeter Cathedral, May 2nd at 7pm.

·         The End is Not Yet. Prophetic Witness when things fall apart XFI Henderson Lecture Theatre, on May 3rd at 7pm.